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Welcome to Rotaract 6970. May we help?

Rotaract 6970 is a joint project of the Rotoract clubs of Northeast Florida.

How to use ROTARACT6970

On this website created by district 6970 Rotaractors you will find a ready resource of materials, links, and guidance to help you develop, grow, and motivate your Rotaract club.

Many of these resources can be downloaded in different formats and customized for your own club's specific use. You will find Quick Links at the bottom of this page but more indepth information can usually be found when using the top menu items.

Rotaract is always an evolving organization so do these helpful materials. Check back from time to time to see if anything has changed.

This website is a shared and cooperative resource, so if you have questions, recommendations or materials you would like to contribute, go to Contact.


Developing Your Club

Use this reference library of materials to help you organize your Rotaract club and keep things in order.  Here you will find governance guidelines, how-to instructions, document templates, and a growing list of helpful materials to grow and strengthen your club.

Club News



Kelly Altosino-Sastre (KAS), Rotary District 6970 Rotaract Chair interviews Manny Mara, President of the district’s newest Rotaract Club. Here is the interview

2016 -17 Events Calendar



Youth Services Month


Fellowship Month

8-9 District All Star Conference (Atlanta)

10-14 RI Convention (Atlanta)

30 Deadline: Presidential Citation

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